During worship services, safe and loving nursery care is available at two locations for children not yet three on Promotion Sunday (turning 3 after September 1st).  The Infant and Crawler classes are located in the hallway between the fellowship hall and the preschool wing. The Toddler and Two Year Old classes are located in the last two rooms on the right side in the preschool wing. Each room is staffed by well trained and loving care givers. Each room is designed for a specific age group with safety and fun in mind.

A nursery staff member will help with checking your child into a nursery. Pagers are provided to those who are unfamiliar with the nursery area and to ensure the child’s safety. Parents will be asked to return their pager when they pick up their child. No child will be released to anyone other than the adult who checked them into the nursery.

For questions please contact Kim Kraft, Director of Nursery Ministries –