Live the Call

Imagine… being part of a church where every member, from the senior minister to the newly baptized convert, shares an understanding of the church, its goals and purpose.

Imagine… working on a team within the church where everyone knows how he or she contributes to the church’s vision and overall strategy for fulfilling its vision.

Imagine… being on a team within the church where every member can clearly state the needs of the people whom the church is seeking to reach, and exactly how the various ministry teams are helping to meet those needs.

After months of listening, praying, discerning and visioning, a Strategic Planning Committee from our church has given us clear direction on how we can move from “imagining”, to living the call to discipleship. Live The Call is not a program. It is an opportunity to create a culture of disciple making in and through the Isle of Hope United Methodist Church. It is an invitation for every person related to this church to deepen their relationship with Christ and with others. In keeping with the guiding principle of simplicity, this booklet seeks to provide a concise explanation of how we can live the call. Our hope is that through this exciting vision, God will be glorified, the church will be built up, and everyone will be blessed as we connect, equip, pray and serve together!

IOHUMC’s Purpose:
To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ

This single statement represents the bulls-eye in all that we aim to be and do as a church. We are confident our target goal will be reached and our purpose if when we keep two primary principles at the center of our ministry and mission of making disciples. Both principles were taught and lived by Jesus:

The Great Commandment
(Love God, Love People) Matthew 22:36-40

The Great Commission
(Reach the Lost and Mature the Believer) Matthew 28:19-20

IOHUMC’s Beliefs & Values:
Our beliefs and values help determine how we go about fulfilling our purpose. IOHUMC’s values represent what is important to us. These include a commitment to prayer, integrity, transparency, inclusiveness, excellence, Christlike servant leadership and our Wesleyan Heritage. These values are directly linked to our beliefs (e.g. we value excellence in ministry and mission because we desire to give God our best).

Likewise, our beliefs provide a foundation for the kind of church we are seeking
to become:
1. We are a Church that is intentional in honoring Jesus Christ
in all that we do.
2. We are a Church that is united in a common purpose of making
disciples of Jesus Christ.
3. We are a Church that teaches, preaches and lives out our faith
based upon the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.
4. We are a Church that is committed to serving and influencing
the culture in our community, city and world, both physically and spiritually.
5. We are a Church that is committed to prayer, and thereby seek to hear,
respond and obey the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Beliefs and values do not guarantee that everyone in the church is moving in the same direction, but they do help define direction and how we believe we can best get there. Our beliefs and values help give definition to who we are and what we hold to be most important as we seek to fulfill our purpose of making disciples of
Jesus Christ. They are readily defined in our Vision statement. In order to fulfill our purpose of making
disciples of Jesus Christ, it is essential that we do the following four things:

Our Shared Vision:
Connect Relationally

Pray Expectantly

Equip Effectively

Serve Faithfully

These four pillars make up our shared vision, form the basis for all our planning and shape the way we go about the implementation of Live The Call.

The vision to Live The Call flows out of our core beliefs, principles and values.