Sunday School

Each Sunday, hundreds of adults meet for study and Christian fellowship in one of our adult classes held at 10:00 AM. Classes run year round and visitors are always welcome. In fact, we encourage you to visit several classes and experience the variety they have to offer. Check-out a complete listing of classes below!

Good News Class: A class of young adults, 30–50 years of age. The class uses Bible study with particular attention to the application of Christian beliefs to everyday life. Class members choose topics of discussion and actively participate in developing the course agenda. Regular gatherings are enjoyed outside the church and participation in various civic activities.

Agape Women’s Class: This group consists of women 30–40 years of age. This is a vibrant growing group that uses a variety of curriculum through group discussion. 

New Hope Class: This class is comprised of members 40-60 years of age. This class is designed as a lecture series and provides an in-depth study of the Bible. 

Pilgrim Class: This class consists of about 40 members including both singles and couples ages 75+. All adults are welcome. A diverse program is offered, including Bible study and speakers from local charities. A variety of curriculum is used. 

Seekers Class: A group who explores living the Christian life in an un-Christian world. Explore contemporary issues using the Bible as our guide. Everyone has a lesson book and is encouraged to read and study ahead of class so that the class is a real learning experience. 

Berean Bible Class: The name is derived from Luke’s account of the people of Berea in Acts 17:11, which states “…they received the message with great eagerness and examined scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Taught with leadership that invites questions and contention. Class ages range from young adult to young at heart. 

New Horizons Class: This class welcomes all age groups, single or married, with or without children. Fresh, innovative ideas, diversified topics (Biblical and issue–oriented) and frank, honest discussions make this class unique. Great gatherings are shared outside of class, whether planning meetings or socializing. 

Collaborate Class: This class is geared towards individuals who would like to explore Methodism. All ages are welcome!

Parental Guidance Required: An opportunity to live fully into our faith as parents to support, pray, encourage and learn from each other. 

Young Adult Small Group: This group is designed for adults 20's-30-somethings. Come join as you relate with others in the group!

College & Career Class: Adulting is hard! This small group is open to college age and young adults as they begin their independent journey into adulthood.