Our Sunday School classes meet at 10:30am on Sunday mornings. Our teachers who minister in the classroom are dedicated, caring, and committed Christian role models, beyond parents and pastors. They introduce children to the great Biblical dramas, connecting God’s Story with their own. They teach prayers to the children, showing them how God speaks to them and through them. They sing with children, and inspire creativity through crafts and activities. They love the children and encourage them as Jesus taught, " to love one another." Sunday School is a place of nurture - a place where children are taught and shown that God loves them more than they can ever imagine, and that Jesus is with them, always.

Kindergarten - 5th grade children meet in the Ministry Center at 10:30am for a brief time of praise and worship before heading to their grade-specific Sunday School classes. Parents/ guardians can enjoy their own Sunday School class at the same time, and then pick up at 11:30am in the individual classrooms (located in the Preschool hallway).

Our Preschool Sunday School class (ages 3 and 4) does not attend the gathering in the Ministry Center, so drop off and pick up are in the classroom (also located in the Preschool hallway).

For questions regarding Sunday School, please contact Chrissy Ruehl by clicking here.