Arts from the Island

Most of the remote locations we normally visit are not yet receiving visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to resuming our in-person ministries when musicians are allowed once again into their facilities.

Arts from the Island is a self-supporting arts outreach ministry that promotes missions and spiritual growth. We are committed to feeding spiritually hungry people in our community – those frequenting homeless shelters, those in nursing homes, those in health-care facilities – through music and arts programs. If you have a passion for music and the arts and want to share God’s love through them, we invite you to join us. Or just share your ideas for our ministry!

Community Outreach Relationships
  • Inner City Night Shelter – Our church serves dinner here on the second Sunday each month.  Small music ensembles provide music.
  • Nursing Homes – Ensembles of various types and sizes visit assisted living facilities once or twice monthly.
  • Old Savannah City Mission – The Men’s Chorus sometimes brings music and a message on Sunday evenings during the hour before dinner is served.
  • Savannah Baptist Center – We have sponsored their annual Christmas Luncheon in early December, where we present our Christmas cantata.
  • Shut-in Member Visits – Small groups occasionally visit loved ones in their homes, to keep them connected through hymn singing and private worship.
  • Hope Band – Leads music in a variety of settings, including church services and revivals, and other community gatherings.