We offer half-day learning opportunities for children ages 2-4. All classes are Mondays-Thursdays 9 am until 1 pm, and Fridays 9 a.m. until Noon.

As an outreach program of Isle of Hope United Methodist Church, Weekday Ministries offers a Christian environment. Daily activities provide each child opportunities to grow in awareness of the love of God. Once a month, our children attend Chapel with a Godly message that often includes a special visitor!

Wee Ones (6 months - 2 Years Old, after September 1st)

  • Two days: Tuesday & Thursday
    Cost: $185.00 per month

Our youngest children spend much of their time growing physically, learning how to get along with others, and learning more about this great big world where they live. We like to explore and discover, squeal and laugh, and find new things every day.

Pee Wees Class (2 Years Old)

  • Two Day Option: Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday

  • Two Day Cost: $185.00 per month

  • Three Day Option: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday

  • Three Day Cost: $225.00 per month

Our classrooms for Twos provide opportunities for physical & intellectual activities. Comforting routines, loving teachers, and small class sizes help each child adapt to being a part of a group. Twos can attend school twice a week on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday, or three days a week on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday.

Tots Class (3 Years Old)

  • Three Day Option: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday

  • Three Day Cost: $225.00 per month

  • Five Day Option: Monday – Friday

  • Five Day Cost: $300.00 per month

Three-year-olds are active learners. Our classroom activities are designed to enhance intellectual, physical, and social development. Books are an integral part of our program as language and writing skills are encouraged. Cooperative play and working with others are also important aspects of learning. Threes can attend school three days a week on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday or five days a week, Monday through Friday.

Cherubs Class (4 Years Old)

  • Dates: Monday- Friday

  • Cost: $300.00 per month

Four-year-olds are energetic and lively. All classroom activities from the Threes' experiences are expanded. Social development continues as interaction grows and intellectual activities reflect their new age. Our Fours use the Core Knowledge Curriculum. Fours attend school five days a week (M-F).

Lunch Days: Monday-Thursday children bring their own lunch.