During worship services, safe and loving nursery care is available at two locations for children not yet three on Promotion Sunday (turning 3 after September 1st).  The Infant and Crawler classes are located in the hallway between the fellowship hall and the preschool wing. The Toddler and Two Year Old classes are located in the last two rooms on the right side in the preschool wing. Each room is staffed by well trained and loving care givers. Each room is designed for a specific age group with safety and fun in mind.

A nursery staff member will help with checking your child into a nursery. Pagers are provided to those who are unfamiliar with the nursery area and to ensure the child’s safety. Parents will be asked to return their pager when they pick up their child. No child will be released to anyone other than the adult who checked them into the nursery.

For questions please contact Kim Kraft, Director of Nursery Ministries –

Children's Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes meet at 10:00am on Sunday morning! Our teachers who minister in the classroom are dedicated, caring, and committed Christian role models, beyond parents and pastors. They introduce children to the great Biblical dramas, connecting God’s Story with their own.  They teach children prayers, showing them how God speaks to them and through them. They sing with children, and inspire creativity through crafts and activities. They love the children and encourage them as Jesus taught “To love one another”. Sunday school is a place of nurture. A place where, children are taught and shown that God loves them more than they can ever imagine, and that Jesus is with them, always.

For questions regarding Sunday School, please contact Chrissy Ruehl at

Children's Church

We are delighted to see children of all ages in our congregation. We want to help them enjoy the experience of sharing and participating in our worship service. We have a commitment to help children worship. Perhaps they won’t always understand what is going on or being said, but they understand more than we give them credit for, and, by our attitude, they can understand that this is a place where they meet God and where they are loved and accepted.

In Children’s Church we prepare our children to enter into corporate worship. They spend their first years participating in Children’s Church learning about worship and preparing to experience it!

During the Traditional Service, all children are invited to come down front and hear a special message just for them. Following the message children (3 years thru Kindergarten) can return to their parents or choose to exit the Sanctuary and attend Children’s Church.

In the Anchor Service, children are encouraged to join in Praise in Worship and prayer after which the children (3 years thru Kindergarten) are dismissed to attend Children’s Church if they would like.

Nursery care is provided for children 2 years of age and younger for all worship hours and during Sunday school.

God Squad

God Squad logo.png

God Squad is a special ministry for 5th graders that meets Sunday nights from 5-6:30pm in the New Hope Room. This time together includes ministry activities and discussion from 5-6pm and dinner with the student ministry from 6-6:30pm in the Ministry Center. God Squad is designed to help 5th graders grow spiritually as they make the transition in to middle school. 

Please contact Chrissy Ruehl, Minister of Children and Families, for more information by e-mailing her at

If your child would like to participate, please fill out this form!

Children's Music & Drama

These Ministries Support the Shared Vision of Isle of Hope UMC

Your Child Will:

  • CONNECT Relationally Grow Christian friendships

  • EQUIP Effectively Learn Bible stories through song, drama, and movement

  • PRAY Expectantly Understand that singing can be conversation with God

  • SERVE Faithfully Develop artistic abilities as gifts to praise God and bless others

In choir, your child will learn basic music concepts, enjoy fun activities, develop singing techniques, and grow in faith in God. All music is chosen with the goal of leading our children to a growing faith in Jesus Christ. The age–appropriate music they learn will help them explore their gifts, talents and abilities while praising God through song. We have many well–trained volunteers who assist in our children’s choir ministry each week. Choirs are open to children in the church as well as the community.

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